Noah Berrie

Noah Berrie

exhibition dates:
10 Nov
14 Nov

A site-specific collaboration between composer & sound artist Noah Berrie and writer Angelica Jopling, ‘Not Here’ is a sound installation of intertwining, circular narratives emanating from found objects dispersed in space. The work contends with human absence inspired by walks around an empty city mid-COVID. Fourteen disembodied voices emerge from objects, all in conversation. The listener can navigate the space and eavesdrop. The meaning gradually strips away over time as the words seem to move just beyond the perceptual line of comprehension.

Noah Berrie is a composer and sound artist from New York, currently finishing his MA in composition and computer music at Stanford. A classically trained violinist, his recent work explores the perceptual and spatial subtleties of sound. His practice spans multichannel audio, audiovisual work, sound installations, instrument building, songs, and score-based composition.

curated by Angelica Jopling