Nic Sanderson

Nic Sanderson

exhibition dates:
27 Oct
31 Oct

Nic Sanderson’s work constituted the fourth show in Incubator 21’s six week exhibition programme. Having studied Fine Art at Falmouth School of Art and Installation in Kask Ghent (BE), Sanderson now lives and works in South London. The artist’s practice shifts between sculpture, installation and design and often functions as a collaborative platform. He founded HOAF projects in 2021, an arts organisation that builds bridges between charities and artists through workshops, performances, and events. In such collaborative work, Sanderson emphasises the process as much as the product and conceives of his viewers as active participants. 

Sanderson operates within an expanded definition of sculpture, one in which formal elements hold equal importance than the sculpture’s function as a connective agent. The artist’s choice of medium also reflects this ambition, having pioneered a combination of disparate materials that coalesce into a functional whole. This process of transformation is summarized by the artist in the phrase ‘Vivo to Vitro,’ where ‘Vivo’ describes the alive qualities of materials within the studio while ‘vitro’ defines the moment in which these solidify in the exhibition space. 

For Incubator 21, Sanderson built a new body of work to host musician Franny London’s one-off live performance. This collaboration reintroduces the ‘vivo’ state of the work within the exhibition space, with the performer and audience breathing life back into the fixed material.

co-curated by Angelica Jopling, Clara Galperin and Taylor Zakarin