Julia Thompson

Julia Thompson

exhibition dates:
15 Sep
1 Oct

Julia Thompson (b.1996) studied at Parsons School of Design (BFA), New York, (2014 - 2018). Recent exhibitions include “No Archive Will Restore You” (2022), Los Angeles, “Leftovers”, (2021), Lyles & King, “MOONFLOWER” (2022), Europa, NY.

Julia Thompson’s practice moves in and between sculpture, video, installation and drawing — all stemming from an ever growing collection of saved images and letters of those no longer in reach yet persistent in presence. Thompson works from the process of mould making, which is to say, she fills a cavity with clear, shimmering and soft materials - distant from the shape once filled. Casting puffy sculptures that simultaneously preserve and let go of their contents, ultimately spoiling the trapped images and letters making up their core.