Anne Carney Raines

Anne Carney Raines

exhibition dates:
13 Oct
16 Oct

Anne Carney Raines is a painter from Nashville, Tennessee currently living in South London. She completed her MA in painting at the Royal College of Art in 2021 and is a two-time recipient of the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant. Recent exhibitions include New Contemporaries 2021 at Firstsite Gallery, New Contemporaries 2020 at South London Gallery, and Between the Acts at Wilder Gallery. The influence of her background in scenic painting and fabrication is evident in her artwork, which deals with themes of theatre, space, and memory.

The paintings of Richard Burton and Anne Carney Raines constituted the second iteration of the six-part Incubator 21 programme. The two artists began sharing a studio in South London during the COVID-19 pandemic and graduated from the Royal College of Art with Masters in Painting this year. As well as cohabiting a studio space, the they have a shared interest in distilling and exposing the strangeness of quotidian life. These complimentary bodies of work engage in painting as an act of world-building. Burton creates synthetic environments that reflect contemporary states of solitude and aspirational living, whilst the influence of Raines’ background in scenic painting is evident in the fluctuating states of unease and calm that manifest in the paintings’ uninhabited spaces. Together, these works converge to invite a meditation on the dormant anxieties of the everyday, whilst creating spaces that may also offer respite from these ever-present undercurrents.

co-curated by Angelica Jopling, Clara Galperin and Taylor Zakarin